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* Linux at Yahoo

Linux Home Page
*LinuxNET: Mailing List Archives
*The Web Wanderer's List of Linux Applications
*Linux Source Navigator
*Scientific Software Under Linux

Linux FTP

* Небольшой Linux архив []
*SunSite USA - основной Linux архив[] SunSite постоянно загружен, поэтому
имеет смысл брать файлы с * mirror sites.

*Основной архив для многих alpha и beta проектов []
*Большой архив в Финляндии[]
*Сервер кафедры Computer Science в Хельсинском университете, где работает
Linus Torvalds. *Последние версии ядра (также доступны *здесь )


Debian GNU/Linux
*Slackware Professional Linux - See also* Slackware SimpleFixes
RedHat Commercial Linux
* Yggdrasil
*Craftworks Linux
*S.u.S.E. Linux
*Caldera Network Desktop operating system
It includes:
- A a complete Linux distribution from Red Hat Software
- A rich desktop metaphor
- A fully-functional NetWare≥ client
- A font server supporting TrueType≥, Type 1, and SPEEDO fonts
- A Getting Started guide to guide you through installation and
describe the features of the Caldera Network Desktop

Linux resource collection

*Linux International
*Meta - An Interview with Linus Torvalds
*Network Sources and Resources
*Linux Kernel Changes
*The Linux 680x0 WWW Pages
*XFree86 Home Page
Linux Page on SunSite
*LiNUX Info page
*Linux Documents
*Linux Publicity Project
*Linux & ELF
*The Linux Counter - Register yourself as Linux user
*Linux Gazette Table of Contents
*The Linux Laptop Homepage
Linux Users Directory Services.
*Linux Software Map
*Another Linux Software Map Page
*Linux Netatalk - Appletalk Protocols.
*Pat's Linux Page
*CyberPhone Home Page
*Oracle on Linux
*FVWM Web Page
*Linux Projects Map
*Cyber Radio 1
*Linux Mobile IP Home Page
*Linux loadable modules
*Stable-Linux Unofficial version of Linux 1.2.13 with bugfixes
and additional functionality. May be 1.2.14 will be soon ?
*Patches for linux- 1.2.13 Another 1.2.13 patch-page by Tony Nugent
*Linux for PowerPC Home Page
*Linux for Power Macintosh
WINdows Emulator: *Wine Is Not an Emulator ;-)
*Linux kerneld mini-HOWTO

New Links

*JACOB (Just A Compiler for OBeron-2)
*DOC++ (documentation system for C++ programs) HomePage

Практически полноценный Linux на 896kB RAM ( 640 + 256)!

Смотрите * Memory Savers by Paul Gortmaker.

* Networking goodies by Paul Gortmaker.

*Linux T-Shirt Project Homepage
*Linux Logo Competition
*Unix Sound System (USS) for Linux
*Acrobat Reader 3.0 Beta 12 for UNIX is available for LINUX 1.2.13.
*Real-Time Linux
* How Finnish programmer's quest challenged
*Micros0ft and made him a Net star.
*XaoS - a real-time interactive fractal zoomer for X Windows and SVGAlib.
*Products of InterSoft: SQL/DB servers, graphical editor, business tools...
Я не знаю зачем и кому это нужно ;) * - Linux Dynamic Internet Address web server solution

* Signal 11 Homepage

* The Linux Game Tome! - большинство известных игр для Linux со ссылками, рейтингами etc.

Z80 and 6502 emulators!
Virtual GameBoy Emulator for UNIX/X11!
Emulator of MSX/MSX2/MSX2+ 8-bit!
ColecoVision videogame console emulator!
NES/Famicom/Dandy console emulator!
MasterGear (SEGA) emulator!
Интересно ? Сии продукты производства RST38h
смотрите на * его homepage

Ну что, похоже еще совсем немного - и можно будет отказаться от windows насовсем ?

* Wabi 2.2 released! - Caldera licensed and ported Sunsoft's Wabi technology to enable end users to run the most popular Windows 3.1 applications on Linux-based system software.

*StarOffice for Linux
Linux Gazette new issue

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