Molecular Linux

Molecular Biology related programs for *Linux

*ACEDB A Caenorhabditis elegans Database
*Blast Basic Local Alignment Search Tool, a sequence database search program
*Clustal Multiple Sequence Alignment
*ClustalX A window-based user interface to the ClustalW multiple alignment program
*DCSE Dedicated Comparative Sequence Editor, another multiple alignment editor
*DIALIGN Multiple DNA and protein sequence alignment based on segment-to-segment comparison
*DNA-GUI DNA Graphical User Interface
*GDE Genetic Data Environment, a set of programs for multiple sequence alignment and analysis
*MolPhy a program package for MOLecular PHYlogenetics
*Phylip package of programs for inferring phylogenies
*PhyloWin graphic tool for molecular phylogenetic inferences
*Primer3 a program for picking primers for PCR reaction
*RasMol Molecular Visualisation Program
*Readseq multi-format molbio sequence reader
*SeaView A great multiple sequence alignment editor
*ShadowBox a drawing program for boxing and shading of aligned multiple sequences
*SeqPup biological sequence editor and analysis program
*TagC Restriction enzyme analysis of DNA
*Xbbtools sequence editor and analysis program
*Libs different libraries (motif, xform ...)
If you know about other molbio related programs for Linux (binaries and scripts),
mail me, and I put them on this page.

Other sites of interest
*Zifis collection of molecular biology, biochemistry, crystallography, etc applications that compile and run under Linux

Files ending with .gz are gnuzipped , unpack them with : gunzip myfile.gz

Files ending with .tgz or .tar.gz, are tar'ed and gnuzipped files,
unpack them with: tar xvzf myfile.tgz

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