Operating Systems

Linux - the Choice of a *GNU Generation



DOS-C is distributed in source code form and is a fully functional MS-DOS compatible operating system by Pat Villani. The kernel is also the freedos kernel and may be redistributed under the provisions of GNU GPL.

*CMU Project Mach


*Plan 9
Plan 9 is a new computer operating system and associated utilities. It has been built over the past several years by the Computing Sciences Research Center of Bell Laboratories, the same group that developed Unix, C, and C++.
*Differences from Unix


*VSTa Home Page
VSTa is an experimental kernel which attempts to blend the design of a microkernel with the system organization of Plan 9. The result is a small (40k) privileged kernel running user-mode tasks to provide system services such as device drivers, filesystems, and name registry. Like Plan 9, each service provides a filesystem-like interface.

VSTa is a non-proprietary source base permitting experimentation in many of the areas first broached by Plan 9 and *QNX.

*An Overview of the VSTa Microkernel

*L3 and L4

L3 is a micro kernel operating system running on i386, i486 and Pentium processors which has been developed by * Jochen Liedtke and others at * GMD's SET institute.

L4, also by Jochen Liedtke, is a successor to L3.

*The KeyKOS System

KeyKOS ® is a high-reliability, high-security, persistent, commercial microkernel-based OS.

EROS, a noncommercial rewrite of KeyKOS for the x86 architecture, is currently being developed by *Jonathan Shapiro.

Operating System Lists

*Current Operating Systems Projects and OS-related research
This page contains pointers to all sorts of neat operating system projects scattered across the world-wide web.
*Research projects in object-support, object-oriented and extensible operating systems
This page contains links to groups, projects and individuals working on research in object-support, object-oriented and extensible operating systems.