Ordering WEBsmith

Subscriptions to WEBsmith, both domestic and international, are available directly through SSC. They are also available in specific regions through our international distributors. Magazines are mailed internationally through a "surface air lift" service which delivers the magazines quickly to their destination countries, where local mail will be handled by surface delivery.

Please fill out the form below, and your order will be finished as soon as possible. Your subscription will begin with the November issue of WEBsmith, and will continue with the January issue of Linux Journal(tm) for our new monthly WWW supplement. (See our main page for details.)

Ordering with this form requires you to send your credit card number unencrypted over unsecured data channels. If you'd prefer not to do this, you can download a text version, and send it to us by:

E-mail: websmith@ssc.com
(If you wish to encrypt your message using PGP, you may download our public key *here, or you can finger info@ssc.com to obtain it.)
Surface Mail:
PO Box 55549
Seattle, WA 98155
Fax: (206) 782-7191
Or By Phone: (206) 782-7733

Checks should be made out to WEBsmith.

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