CGI Security: It's Not as Scary as it Sounds
David provides a quick guide to plugging the security holes most commonly found in CGI scripts.
by David Ray

Securing the Web--A Prodigious and Confusing Undertaking
Jon reviews two major methods for securing transactions on the Web.
by Jonathan Gross

checklinks--Maintaining Web Integrity
How to keep your HREFs straight without going crazy.
by Michael Alan Dorman

Developing Groupware for the Web
How Groupware provides a way for geographically scattered teams to work together as if they were in the same room.
by Alan Dennis and Sridar K. Pootheri


Diary of a Madman: Setting up an NT Web Server
Part 2 of the continuing saga of Hank and his Windows NT Server.
by Hank Mishkoff

More with Less: Multihoming Your Web Server
Want to take full advantage of your web server and serve multiple IP addresses? Multihoming may be the answer.
by Liem Bahneman and Paul Forgey

Implementing a Simple, Automated, Text-Only View
Are you a site manager trying to be accessible to the entire range of clients, including text-based browsers? This article tells you how.
by Eric Hammond


Covering the Mactivity/Web Conference
Why the Mac is the second most popular platform for Web development.
by Van Wray


A Forum for Questions about Smithing.
by WEBsmith staff

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