Welcome to WEBsmith, the how-to magazine for technicians of the World Wide Web. WEBsmith offers articles that explain how to use the tools, techniques, and ideas that make up the Web.

One of the important parts of the process of building web sites is the availability of tools to do different jobs. Why spend time designing something that has already been created? Think of the public CGI libraries available as a set of hammers for specific purposes. There is an e-mail hammer, an order-form hammer, a guestbook hammer -- these can all be modified to suit your particular application.

WEBsmith helps you keep up to date with the techniques and tools your fellow "smiths" are using, so you don't miss out on the work that has been done before you, or on the inspiration that may be sparked from examining someone else's ideas.

WEBsmith joins forces with Linux Journal!(tm)

WEBsmith has become a part of Linux Journal as of the January 1997 issue.

Each issue of LJ now includes a special WWWsmith section. Subscribers to the original WEBsmith magazine still get the useful technical information that they are used to, along with monthly articles and tutorials pertaining to Linux, the freely-available Unix-like operating system.

Linux and the Web are a good match; the Web supplement will prove invaluable to our readers. By combining the resources of both magazines, we're bringing you more information than ever.

This web site will continue to be updated with new resources, online articles and essays.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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