Linux Journal

Articles Wanted

We are always looking for authors. If LJ articles were all written by LJ staff, LJ would start looking one-sided. We are looking especially for tutorials and other helpful articles for Linux beginners. Please send us email if you have an idea for such an article. We will be even more pleased if you want to write the article, but ideas themselves are very helpful.

We are always looking for Real World stories. If you are using Linux to do something unusual, or if you are using Linux on a large scale, many people would like to read your story in Linux Journal. It would be especially interesting if your story demonstrates how having the source code freely available has helped you or your company. You do not have to be a professional writer! We will work with you and edit your article thoughtfully and carefully.

We are also looking for stories specifically about how Linux is being used in an office situation for our new article series called Linux Means Business. While Linux makes an excellent server of many kinds (file, printer, fax, mail, news, X, terminal, database, etc., etc.) it also is useful on the desktop and in other capacities. Tell us how you are using Linux in a business capacity.

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