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Linux Journal History

Phil Hughes came up with the idea for Linux Journal in early 1993. Phil Hughes is the original founder, original editor, and current publisher of Linux Journal.

Many different people were involved in the original start-up of Linux Journal. Due to various problems, including the untimely death of one of the funders, Gerry Hammons, production of the first issue Linux Journal came to a standstill in 1993.

Robert Young and ACC Corporation published the first two issues of Linux Journal Jan-Mar 1994 and Phil Hughes moved into the role of Editor.

There were problems publishing a high-quality magazine, and in March, 1994, Phil concluded that SSC, (Specialized Systems Consultants, Inc.) a company with over twelve years experience publishing UNIX Pocket References was the best choice to produce a quality magazine. Michael K. Johnson, author of the Kernel Hackers Guide and co-founder of the Linux Documentation Project became the Editor. In June, 1996, Michael decided to leave Linux Journal to work on Linux software development.

Background of SSC

For over sixteen years, SSC has promoted Unix as the operating system of choice. SSC also taught Unix Classes, ported software to Unix and Xenix (such as Adobe Systems' TranScript), and provided Unix consulting, in addition to its UNIX publications.

SSC has published Linux Journal for over two years now. LJ has grown from 48 pages to 80 pages. All but two of our computers systems at SSC run Linux. If we had the choice, all our computers would run Linux, but we have a few restrictions related to publishing software availability. SSC continues to promote Linux itself, not just its own Linux products, and has sponsored a Linux Track and Linux Pavillion at Unix Shows and exhibitions at Open Systems World in 1994, 1995, & 1996 DECUS '95 & '96, Usenix '95 & '96 and Unix Expo '95 and '96.

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