Linux Journal

Editorial Calendar for January - June 1997

Linux Journal in 1997

We take the tag line on the cover of LJ (``The Monthly Magazine of the Linux Community'') seriously. The community is changing. There is a large, stable development community but, in addition, several ``sub-communities'' exist who need a source for reliable Linux information. These groups include applications developers, ISPs, Linux (and Unix) novices, Web developers, and embedded systems builders.

What's Changing?


WEBsmith Magazine joins forces with Linux Journal, bringing a special section containing technical, how-to articles about the World Wide Web to the LJ mix.


This regular feature for the Unix/Linux novice is being reinvigorated by an infusion of new authors enthusiastic about meeting the needs of this segment of the community.

Tech Answers

When each new Linux distribution comes out there is a flood of new questions. In the tech answers column, vendors and consultants will answer common questions.

More Product Reviews

The most common question from a beginner is ``what should I buy?'' For someone who has worked with Linux for some time, this is a common question as well---it is just more likely to be about an ISDN board or scanner than a Linux distribution. We encourage vendors to send us products for review and we keep up with new product releases in order to keep the reader informed about his choices.

More Pages

Finally, we are producing a larger magazine, which means we have more space for new columns and more reviews.

And More

We have other changes in the works as well. Watch for information on them in the December 1996 issue or watch for news flashes on our web site ( With your help we can continue to be the Linux resource the community needs as well as a tool to show others that Linux has become a viable part of the computing industry.

Advertiser's Deadlines
Issue Space Reservations Ad Materials Due
JANUARY ISSUE #33 8 October 1996 15 October 1996
FEBRUARY ISSUE #34 4 November 1996 12 November 1996
MARCH ISSUE #35 5 December 1996 13 December 1996
Special Issue #BG1
3 December 1996 9 December 1996
APRIL ISSUE #36 6 January 1997 13 January 1997
MAY ISSUE #37 6 February 1997 14 February 1997
JUNE ISSUE #38 7 March 1997 17 March 1997

Editorial FeaturesBonus Distributions
January: Embedded Systems USENIX Conference
USELINUX Conference
February: Linux in the Real World Bonus Distribution to be announced
March: Perl UniForum San Francisco
Buyer's Guide to Linux Hardware, Software & Reference Materials CeBit - Hannover, Germany
UniForum San Francisco
University of Washington Computer Fair
April: How to Buy a Linux System Bonus Distribution to be announced
May: Platforms Bonus Distribution to be announced
June: Standards and Networking Bonus Distribution to be announced

Linux Journal explores the latest technology and developments in the Linux world. Our articles cover: tutorials on a wide range of topics---from the novice to the computer professional; informative reviews on the latest products and cutting edge news on the Linux community.

Linux Journal, first published in early 1994 to help promote the Linux operating system, gives users a place to share their ideas. With the use of Linux growing at a phenomenal rate, Linux Journal has become a key resource for system administrators, developers, new Linux users and business professionals.

SSC, publisher of Linux Journal, has been publishing books and reference cards for the Unix environment since 1983. Phil Hughes, President of SSC and current Publisher of Linux Journal, recognized the need for this magazine and put together the team that made it happen.

With the January 1997 issue, WEBsmith (tm) Magazine joins forces with Linux Journal, bringing a special section containing technical, how-to articles about the World Wide Web to the LJ mix.

Each month, we distribute an average of 35,000 copies. Many Linux vendors include a card with their products good for one free issue of Linux Journal. In response to the resulting requests, we send out 1,000-2,000 additional issues of Linux Journal per month.

Linux Gazette

Linux Journal is taking over the Linux Gazette. LG is a newsletter that offers an assortment of quick tips and articles which, while useful, have appealed to a smaller segment of the Linux community. We always considered their work complementary to our own.

We worked with John Fisk, creator of Linux Gazette, on a plan whereby LG can continue as a vendor-independent source of information. In addition to a new editor and a new home, there will be other changes. While we will continue to offer an on-line version, we intend to include selections from the Gazette in the pages of Linux Journal.

Regular features include:

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