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Specialized Systems Consultants, Inc. (SSC) has been publishing a line of concise references and tutorials since 1983. Other SSC titles are pocket sized and focus on UNIX, MS-DOS, and the C programming language. Linux Journal draws upon fourteen years of SSC's experience as a UNIX book publisher.

Linux Journal covers the fastest growing segment of the "real" operating system market for personal computer users. Currently we have 18,000 subscribers and over 7,000 copies being distributed to bookstores and resellers around the world. Devoted to all aspects of the Linux operating system, Linux Journal reveals where to find software, tools and how to configure Linux for better performance.

Our clientele includes students, computer professionals, and first time computer users. Any person interested in improving their knowledge of Linux operating systems or of the Internet, will find Linux Journal valuable.

We are offering magazine resellers a discount of 50% off the cover price of $4.00. Our minimum order for distributors is 10 copies. Time limit for returns is 90 days from date next issue is received. Our terms are net 30, with free shipping to US destinations. All distribution requests will be filled with our upcoming issue, back issues are available in small quantities for up to 5 months.

Thank you for your interest in Linux Journal. For more information call (206) 782-7733 and ask for Lydia Kinata or e-mail me at I can also be reached via FAX at (206) 782-7191.

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Net 30, F.O.B. for US distributors, F.O.B. Seattle, for non-U.S. Returns accepted until 90 days after delivery of new issue (up to 50% of order) 50% off cover price, minimum order is 10 copies.

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