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Advertise on the Web through SSC

SSC, publishers of the Linux Journal, announce an on-line service for our advertisers. Starting with the June 1995 issue of the magazine, the Advertisers Index will be up on our WWW site with contact information. We will also add back issues as time permits. Included in this service will be pointers to the advertisers' own WWW entry.

For those advertisers who don't have their own WWW presence, but want to establish one, SSC will provide it at a nominal fee. For as little as $20/month, we will make your web page available including a pointer to it from the Advertisers Index.

For $20/month, you get up to 1MB of storage on and an allowance of up to 1000 accesses of your home page a during that month. Additional storage is available at $1/10MB/month. Additional page hits are charged at the rate of $.01/hit up to 50,000. There are no additional charges for 50,000 to 240,000 hits per month. There is a charge of $200 for each additional 240,000 hit increment.

You have options in how you establish your page. If you construct your own page, we will install it for $30. Or you can get an interactive account on our system for $50/month. If you want to avoid all the work, we will construct and maintain your web page for $30/half hour.

Example of Typical Usage
Page Construction and Installation $60
Basic Monthly Fee $20
3000 accesses/month $20

This means that for $40/month, plus an initial cost of $60, you know that 3000 people have read your on-line ad.

This service offers a very economical way
to augment your in-print advertising.
Contact Carlie ( at (206) 782-7733
or fax (206) 782-7191.